Friday, July 24, 2009

Another month gone

And I've neglected the blog for another month. Sorry.

So, the 10 week contract didn't turn into a full-time job. I'm back looking again, but I have several prospects, had two interviews with a third on the way, and am one of two finalists for a web design & development job I'd very much like.

While working over the last couple months, my projects included all the HTML & CSS code for T4T and Breese Lawn & Garden. I also provided the initial design concepts for Symphono (final developed product varies slightly), a financial software company where my friend in Chicago works. Plus a couple other projects that haven't been launched yet. I'm also working on a website for Danielle's classroom now.

So I've still managed to stay busy, working on web designs and learning some jQuery in the meantime. Danielle is teaching summer school, making some extra money on these half days. Braylon is doing well too. Hopefully, I'll have good news on the job front very soon.