Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Oops -- I've neglected blogging for two months. My longest gap since 2001, I believe.

I've been busy. The 4 week contract turned into a 10 week contract, which ends this Friday. Even if it doesn't immediately become full time, I'll continue working there on a part time/contract basis. I'm doing some web design, and lots of HTML/CSS/jQuery code. The people are talented and fun to work with, and the office space is amazing. There are also pictures of it online. I'm putting in 10-20 extra hours a week on freelance projects as well.

Danielle is now done with school and thoroughly enjoying summer. It's been 10 days off and she's already been to the beach twice and to two hosted parties with teacher-friends, with a third tomorrow night at our place.

Other exciting things that have occurred over the last two months: Emily & Scott's wedding in Mackinac, Phil & Virginia's wedding in Indiana, and Tim & Grace's wedding in Utah. (Three more weddings to go this summer). The Red Wings. Finishing painting every room on the main floor. Braylon, and how he's so smart it's frustrating. The transition to digital TV. Consistent seventy degree weather. Daylight until 10pm. Oberon.