Tuesday, April 14, 2009


On Monday I began a 4-week contract working at a small web design and digital creative studio in Grand Rapids. I'm doing front-end web development, including coding and design for current and upcoming projects and clients. They do video work too, including motion graphics, so there's potential for that down the line as well.

This week I'm working from home while we wait for their new computers to arrive, so I'll begin working downtown on Monday. It's located in an old repurposed factory building downtown, above my favorite bar, and the bus ride (which stops very close to our house) takes about 15 minutes. It's pretty exciting stuff, and I'm very grateful to have found it so quickly.

In addition to my new gig -- which sounds like it could turn into a full-time hire if I do well -- I'm still getting a decent amount of part-time work from my old job. In fact, I'll most likely be working 11 hour days this whole week. It's good to be busy again.


Anonymous said...

Go for it! Your talent and drive will take you far. Look out for yourself, trust yourself and know that others are right there with you. Good luck!

philip said...

Sounds great Jeremy! They're teaching us how to design webpages in KAMSC right now, as a matter of fact.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Phil! What all are they teaching you? I'm curious. And what programs are you using?

Anonymous said...

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