Monday, March 02, 2009


My dad and I went skiing at Caberfae on Friday. The conditions were difficult, as it was extremely cold and windy the entire day. The Weather Channel historical data shows that the wind chill was at or around zero the whole time, with a steady 15-20mph sustained wind.

But the highlight of the day was not on the slopes, but rather when I picked up a new freelance design job while we were there. Thursday night we discovered a brewery in Cadillac that has no website, and was therefore missing out on the business of out-of-town-brew-pub-seekers like us. I cold-called the owner and offered to meet with him on Friday morning. He agreed. Less than 10 minutes into our meeting, before I even showed him any samples of my work, he offered to pay me the 50% up front cost right there on the spot. I was stunned, but I naturally agreed. Either he's a very trusting man or I'm an excellent salesman. Either way, look for the new website for the Bear Claw Brewery and Grille coming soon.

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Cliff Mulder said...

Way to go Jeremy. Good job on finding a way to combine beer drinking and business