Friday, February 13, 2009

$1 coins

The email forward I received at work today was a departure from the usual far-right talking points/homophobia/xenophobic fearmongering. Instead, today's was about how the national motto "In God We Trust" is not on the new Dollar coins. The email had been forwarded over a dozen times, with occasional remarks about the radical leftist liberals sabotaging our national heritage and how the next round of coins will read "in Ala [sic] we trust."

Now, normally I can debunk most of these emails as misleading or outright lies with no more than ten seconds of Google searching. But to my surprise, this forward was almost true!

But not really. As Snopes pointed out, the phrase is not on the coin's face, but along the edge. And what probably fanned many of these flames was that in early 2007, a batch was erroneously minted that did not have the phrase on it at all. This batch was as much as 50,000 coins, out of 300 million, or one hundredth of one percent. 0.01%.

So the email was, at most, 0.01% correct.

Additionally, the phrase is being put back on the front of coins "as soon as is practicable." In fact, the first coin with "In God We Trust" on its obverse will be introduced into circulation next week. However, having evidence to the contrary and being able to hold it in one's hand probably won't stop this email from spreading, considering how incredibly easy it was to figure this one out already. For example, here are just a few Google searches in which the truth could have been learned in the first two results:

  • "in god we trust $1 coin"

  • "is in god we trust on dollar coins?"

  • "motto $1 coin"

  • "coin god"

  • "god dollar"

The content of the forwards I get doesn't bother me as much as how nobody, at any point in the chain, could be bothered to actually check and find out if it's true.

It's also worth noting that the Presidential $1 Coin Program, responsible for the introduction of these coins, was introduced by a Republican Senator and signed into law in 2005 by our Republican President. Clearly the work of the radical leftist liberals.

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Agatha said...

I have the same trouble assuring my conservative right-wing coworkers down here that no, Obama will not be reversing the ban on partial-birth abortion, no matter how many times your church-funded local newspaper would say that he will... among the many other things I have to bite my tongue about because it's just plain ignorance that could be solved by doing two seconds of searching on Google.