Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Elite DJ Services

I finished my first official* freelance website this week. Elite DJ Services is a Lansing, Michigan DJ service that performs at the whole spectrum of events from weddings to nightclubs. The owner's mom works with my mother-in-law, which is how I first heard of this project. Check it out: Elite DJ Services

Now here's hoping Google returns search results to his page and not this post.

*"First official" mostly just means the first time money was involved. The rest have been favors or trade for wedding services, or are still in progress.


Bryan said...

Very nice, it looks very clean and modern.

What do you use to enlarge and browse those photo galleries? I know I've seen other sites that use the same thing.

Also, fyi, on your personal site (jbrons) the "view my work" and "get in touch" links don't work.

Jeremy said...

Thanks. The photo gallery uses Lightbox. The other one I'm seeing all over the place lately is Fancyzoom, which I considered using, but I like Lightbox's presentation better.

Yeah, my site isn't fully functional yet, but I included the link on his to pressure myself to finish it. It was too easy to let it sit there when nobody could see it. It will be up later this week for sure.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Jeremy. The up close photos are cool. The way they open or change size is great. Your own site is good, too. Hope you can get the rest of the links up and running.

A couple of suggestions: Old people need slightly larger and brighter fonts in order to see all the wonderful things there are to see...

Keep it going!!