Thursday, December 04, 2008

Best Jeopardy Ever

I've always had more respect for Jeopardy players who play with a risky and aggressive style than for the wimps who play it safely. Last night was probably my favorite episode ever. The players risked all of their money on every Daily Double. The first two ($2200 and $6000) were successful, but the third and final (for $10,800) was incorrect. It rattled him and he couldn't dig out of the hole in time for Final Jeopardy, but I applauded his effort for putting everything on the line. Twice! With $10,000 at stake!

The third contestant, who did not get to guess a Daily Double question, came through for me as she risked her entire winnings on the Final Jeopardy. It was but one single wager away from being a perfect episode, at least according to my formula. It would be foolish for the winner to bet an amount that would dip him below the second place contestant's potential maximum.

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