Thursday, September 11, 2008

I still hate Comcast - Der DSL Speedtest
(Sleek interface on this test)


Customer.Connect.Melissa said...

Hello SR!

I apologize for your slow upload speeds. I would like to have our teams investigate to see if we can improve your connection. Please email us at

Kind Regards,
Melissa M.
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations

Jeremy said...

Sorry to mislead you, Melissa. I posted this as praise for my fine AT&T DSL service, as these speeds are higher than anything I ever reached with Comcast internet (and I'm pretty sure that upload speed exceeds Comcast's theoretical maximum).

Your "investigation" would've involved someone coming out, determining that we had a high ping from the building, and charging me money for the visit, all the while doing nothing to actually improve my connection. I know this because the Comcast internet at our apartment the last year routinely suffered timeout errors indicative of high pings, and when we called to complain, we were offered this $200 "investigation."

This is copied and pasted from a previous post, but I'd like to share some of the many reasons we are deliberately avoiding Comcast products for the rest of our lives:

Every 6 months from 2004-2007 we switched our cable and internet access between tenants in our house to account for Comcast's ridiculous pricing schemes (where an introductory period would terminate and a service rate would more than double, even though we could just renew it under a different name). Each account transfer involved driving 20 minutes to the service center, waiting in a long line, and exchanging our equipment for the exact same parts for the exact same plan. Almost every time, the subsequent bill was incorrect.

Comcast also repeatedly charged us modem rental fees for modems we never rented, and never could seem to correct the error. That happened at three separate addresses. In May 2006, Comcast refused to cancel our service and charged us for another month because we had not yet returned our cable modem. We never rented one from them in the first place.

I thought things would improve when we moved into our apartment here, but they didn't. Comcast installed the wrong kind of cable TV, tried to charge us for it, then didn't uninstall it properly (we benefited from this error before it was corrected). The connection on the cable modem was laggy and would often drop out, especially in the evenings.

When we were moving out, my wife made sure to cancel the cable and internet on July 7th, giving Comcast plenty of notice to when we'd be out in two weeks. Guess what came in the mail last month? A bill for our new billing cycle from July 23rd to August 22nd!

Additionally, there was an error in our bill that had to be corrected by writing a new check. My wife was told to drive out to the service center to clear up this check fee. When she did, she was told they couldn't do it from there and she would have to call the service hotline that she called in the first place.

Finally, we were trying to get basic cable set up last month and had an appointment scheduled for a Wednesday. A technician showed up on Monday(?!) morning -- without warning -- to diagnose our house and said that he could install it on Wednesday with $40 worth of parts. Finally fed up, we declined.

DirecTV was installed yesterday. We are very happy with the quality of their customer support, the accuracy of their billing, the fact that they had the Big Ten Network more than a year before Comcast, and the quality of their product as well.

So, thanks but no thanks, Melissa.