Sunday, August 31, 2008

catching up

I'm behind. Here are my updates, with less detail than I had originally planned.

I got married two weeks ago. The wedding was fantastic. I remember everything in two-second bursts, since that's about what my interactions with everyone were limited to. The flow of the evening was handled perfectly, everything went well, and I couldn't be happier with the result. I'll post pictures when I have them.

We went to Portland, Maine for our honeymoon, which was a wonderful trip. Even the 15 hour drive wasn't too bad because that part of the country is so pretty. We went whale watching, sea kayaking, sunset-cruising on a schooner, lighthouse-touring, bed and breakfasting, and fine dining throughout the cool little city of Portland. I do have pictures from that here.

My wife(!) and I got a Wii as one of our wedding gifts and I've been bowling quite a bit on that, but haven't had much time for gaming. She starts teaching again on Tuesday and a regular schedule should settle in once again.

Braylon broke his toe the day before the wedding and has to have it wrapped for six weeks. He's in good spirits and it doesn't hurt him, so we were able to bring him to the Michigan football game this weekend. He'll be five months old this week and is already about 55 lbs.

Michigan football's first game was yesterday. The team found new and exciting ways to suck; I think the novelty of the new offense numbs the sting of losing to a Mountain West team at home. Things will jell, most everyone on the team will still be there in two years, we'll be fine. I found things to be encouraged about.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lomo Effect

I'd seen the Lomo Effect before and liked the look -- high contrast, unusual saturation and color, vignette around the edges -- but didn't know the name and could only sorta fake duplicate it on my own. I read this article on Lomo photography and tried it immediately. The results are impressive and I saved it as an Action in Photoshop so it's just a click away with any photo now. Slideshow:

Still working on finding the right shots to process, but so far the best seem to be softly shaded ones with low contrast to start. Also, the "mood" of the effect is somewhat bleak, so happy cheerful shots in full sunlight look awkward.

Full size pics at the Picasa Web Album.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More HDR

This time it's a sunset at South Haven. I didn't overexpose it quite enough to get the houses exposed correctly. I seemed to make up most of it with gamma correction and setting the minimum black (forget what that's called) and it ended up pretty good. Don't know why all visual information is lost along the edges of the dock and in the reflection off the water though.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


If you ever try to download a file from RapidShare, the CAPTCHA is incredible. It features warped outlines of animals overlaid onto letters, and it's up to you to distinguish which blurry, distorted figures are cats. Good luck: