Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Comcast Sucks

Check out those upload speeds.

I love my AT&T Yahoo DSL. There's some free word-of-mouth advertising for you fine folks at AT&T. I am so relieved to be through with Comcast's monopoly, poor customer service, and deceptive pricing schemes.


Agatha said...

Woot to AT&T.

keith said...

I have to agree. Lisa and I just chose ATT DSL over comcast cable here in Houston since the pricing was much better, but I have so far been impressed with the consistency of the service. I had so many problems with Comcast in Holland that I hope I never have to subscribe to them again.

Bryan said...

Dunno if you guys saw this story or not, but Comcast probably read this blog entry.

Jeremy said...

I hope they did.

Every 6 months from 2004-2007 we switched our cable and internet access between tenants in our house to exploit a loophole in a ridiculous rule (whereupon an introductory period would terminate and a service rate would more than double). Each account transfer involved driving 20 minutes to the service center, waiting in a long line, and exchanging equipment for the exact same parts for the exact same plan. Almost every time, the subsequent bill was incorrect.

They also repeatedly charged us modem rental fees for modems we never rented and never could seem to correct the error. That happened at three separate addresses. In May 2006, they refused to cancel our service and charged us for another month because we had not yet returned our cable modem. This seems fine, except we never rented one from them in the first place.

I thought things would improve when we moved into our apartment here, but they didn't. Comcast installed the wrong kind of cable TV, tried to charge us for it, then didn't uninstall it properly (we never let them know about this and benefited from their error). The connection on the cable modem was laggy and would often drop out, especially in the evenings. Comcast offered to send someone out and, for two hundred dollars, check the lag on the connection. We declined.

When we were moving out, Danielle made sure to cancel the cable and internet on July 7th, giving them plenty of notice to when we'd be out in two weeks. Guess what came in the mail yesterday? A bill for our new billing cycle from July 23rd to August 22nd!

Additionally, there was an error in our bill that had to be corrected by writing a new check. Danielle was told to drive out to the service center to clear up this check fee. When she did, she was told they couldn't do it from there and she would have to call the service hotline.

Finally, we were trying to get basic cable set up this week and had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday. A technician showed up on Monday(?!) morning -- thank goodness Danielle doesn't work during the day, because no mention was made of this nor call-ahead option offered -- to diagnose our house and say that he could install it on Wednesday with $40 worth of parts.

We're waiting until AT&T's U-verse is available in September. I would rather go 6 weeks without TV than give Comcast any more of my money.