Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Month of Braylon

Braylon turns 12 weeks old tomorrow (and 3 months on July 4th). He is big and growing like a weed. Everyone who's seen him looks at his massive floppy paws and tells us how he's going to be huge. It's probably true. But as of today, we've had him for a month.

He's a very determined puppy who often wants to JUST EXPLORE DAMMIT STOP PLAYING WITH ME. But he's also a very smart puppy who figures things out very quickly. He's known the come-sit-stay routine for a couple weeks now. Last week we added "down" and it took him all of ten tries to learn it correctly (as long as we have treats). Here he demonstrates with a pheasant wing:

He's very good at going on walks now and doesn't run ahead to see people ss much anymore. He knows when we get out the choke chain that it's TIME FOR A WALK OH YES and knows the (two or three) paths we take. We know his favorite spot to lay (on the folded comforter) and second favorite (on the floor of the bathroom, since it's cool), the difference between the "hey guys let me out" whine and the "NO SERIOUSLY LET ME OUT I GOTTA GO" whine. As of this week, he now sleeps through the night. Sometimes he'll go into his crate even when it's not bedtime.

Sophie has adapted very well by finding new places to lay. Her favorite one is curled up in the sink. It is hard to get her out, because even when we turn on the water, it only bothers her after a few seconds when she realizes that she could be drinking from the faucet.

It's been a different month for me, having never had a puppy before. Braylon's happy fun times far outweigh his annoying stubborn ones. He is a good boy and I'm glad we have him.


Agatha said...

My cat liked to sit in the bathroom sink, and also could not be removed from it by turning on the faucet. He only stopped sitting in it when he got too fat to fit in the sink.

Jessie said...

I really want a puppy! I'm so jealous!