Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DeltaPlex vs Van Andel

My boss is suing the Kent County Convention Authority, which owns the Van Andel Arena (our larger competitor in Grand Rapids). Earlier this year someone at the DeltaPlex, where I work, was accidentally sent an email containing an agreement stipulating that the midwest's largest concert promoter must pay the Van Andel Arena 1/3 of its profits for any concert booked anywhere else in the area. This is being investigated as a violation of federal antitrust laws as it has allowed Van Andel to monopolize the concert industry for years.

It might get ugly, but that just means publicity in the form of headlines where the DeltaPlex is the little guy fighting for justice. Give 'em hell, Joel!

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Bryan said...

I am not a lawyer, but I did take antitrust last quarter. That agreement would definitely fall into sketchy territory. I can think of at least two analogous cases where the company was found liable. And the best part is, antitrust violations get treble damages!