Monday, May 19, 2008

biking to work

Tomorrow morning I will begin riding my bike to work. There are many reasons for this: $4 gas, my health, the environment's health, and the short 3.7 mile commute. My only concerns are how wrinkled my clothes will get on the way and whether my incredible sweatiness will stink up the office. I plan to remedy those problems by rolling them and bringing a towel/deodorant, respectively.

It's worth noting that my cumulative work-related commuting is already very small. Even though I have had a full-time job for 21 of the last 22 months, I've only driven a grand total of 1,300 miles to work. By contrast, the average American commutes 16 miles one way, for a total of 14,700 miles over the same 21-month period. Average!

This means for the average American who started a job at the same time as I did, they drove more miles in their first eight weeks of work than I've driven in the 18 months since.

Here's hoping the cool weather keeps me dry.

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DeGrendel said...

My summer internship is in downtown Ann Arbor, I'm not exactly how far but less than two miles. With downtown parking and gas prices, biking is an easy choice. My only concern is that I'm not sure I'll make it through the entire summer without getting hit by a car.