Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ugli Fruit

So apparently there's a fruit called "ugli fruit." Having never heard of this before, we had to buy one.

It certainly was ugly, and it got me wondering where it came from and why Meijer never carried them before. Did they just drop some grapefruit off the pallet, not notice for a few days, and then set them out to see what suckers would buy them? Did some oranges get radiation poisoning? Anyway, like Faygo Redpop, the audacity of the name led to me purchasing it. And then we were disappointed, because it looked pretty good inside.

As it turns out, exists outside of Meijer. It's a grapefruit/tangerine hybrid from Jamaica.
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Anonymous said...

Try passion fruit. You might find it more interesting.

Mike Piotrowski said...

Ah, Ugli fruit. Being an avid crossword{?}...whatever, it comes up as an answer at least once a week. Never had one though.