Saturday, December 08, 2007

TF2 stats

Valve released TF2 gameplay stats and they are fascinating. Here are my observations.

  • The medic's bonesaw is the most likely to get a critical hit.
  • The RL deals the most damage.
  • The scout is the cap leader, which is by design, but I was surprised the pyro is second.
  • The Soldier and Heavy cap at the same rate. This suggests sheer firepower is just as important as speed.
  • The Demoman has no moments of glory. If they included statistics on defending capture points, I bet the Demoman would be at or near the top. Statistically it may be a routine pipe bomb kill, but it's a very important one.
  • My 3 favorite classes (Engineer, Demoman, and Medic) have the 3 fewest points per hour.

  • Hydro games take 95 minutes!
  • 4 times as many games are played on Gravelpit as on Granary.
  • Winning dustbowl on offense is hard, but 71-29% in favor of defense is incredibly lopsided.
  • Blue wins 2fort 52% to 33%. This makes no sense since the sides are identical. Do good players feel more comfortable in the cold industrial blue environment? Does the rural feel of red suggest inefficient construction? I don't get this at all.

Death maps:
  • The 2fort barracks are too big of a bottleneck. Incoming offenses have to deal with attacks from four directions (sniper loft, ramp exit, upper spawn, and ramp room) if they do make it in the clear.
  • ...Maybe. That map does not distinguish between upper and lower levels. Could it be that everyone just goes to the right after they cross the bridge?
  • People die more often inside the first Dustbowl red team spawn than on 3 of the capture points. Blue is seeking out and destroying the cowering defense.
  • The second to last capture point in Dustbowl is rarely contested.
  • Capturing A in Gravelpit is too easy. People are surrendering it in order to fortify B. This is poor strategy. It is easy to defend both, and while B may not be as well-defended, defending both buys precious time. I hate when defenses abandon A completely, or give up immediately once blue gets two people there. This is not necessary.

  • Eliminate the 60-second setup between rounds of Dustbowl. Maybe make it 10-15 so at least they can run into position.
  • People are playing engineer and scout 3 times as much as medic. Create more incentive for more medics. Maybe increase the syringe gun damage since it's weak and ineffective. Medic is not a glamorous job but it's too important to be ignored.

I wonder if/how people's strategies will be affected with this knowledge? Probably not much on the public servers considering the level of ability displayed there, but hopefully more serious players read up on this stuff.


Bryan said...

Very interesting. My thoughts:

-Lately my go-to class has been Pyro. I'm shocked to see it so low, it's a great class.

-On the topic of Pyros, it makes a lot of sense to me that they do well for captures. They're extremely fast and their flamethrower gets defenders to run off the point when they arrive--which lets them cap. I do a lot of ninja-caps as a Pyro on Granary in particular.

-You can see why I hate dustbowl. D wins 71% of the time. Remember for it to count as an offensive win, they have to essentially win 3 times, so that stat makes sense to me.

-2fort stalemates much less often than I would think. Is that just because there are a lot of "2fort 24/7" servers that never stalemate? Or am I just good at turtling up/bad at breaking through turtles?

-I'm sad to see granary and well as the least popular maps. I love those maps. Hooray gravelpit though.

-You'll notice that blue wins more often than red on granary and well too, and those maps are also symmetrical. If I had to venture a guess... maybe the game's autojoin algorithm puts people on red first if the teams are tied? That means that red is more likely to have a one-man advantage. Still, the difference in all three maps is bigger than I'd expect.

Bryan said...

Oh, and I don't think you need changes to class balance--people are just idiots. Medics are already strong. It's just hard to be a Medic on a public server because half the time the guy you heal ends up being an idiot.

Jeremy said...

Interesting 2fort theories on bluesnews:

"The people with faster computers load up first, and click on the center if the server lets them. People on slower computers get in later, and have to join red to make it even... so Blue gets a statistical edge in computer power. Faster computer/faster internet = more wins."

"When I'm playing on blue I have an easier time ambushing people coming across the bridge because I can hide up above and peak through the gap between the wall and the floor without exposing myself to sniper fire. On the red side, there is no gap. My kill count when I play on blue is way higher."