Thursday, September 06, 2007


My iTunes library reset itself in March 2005, and then again last fall (9/5/2006) with the new computer. In March 2006 I compiled the statistics to see what I had been listening to over the previous year. It turned out to be 8300 songs, or 23 per day every day. Top selections (skewed by a rap-heavy video gaming playlist):

I figured over this past year, the numbers would drop considerably since I worked most of the day. Surprisingly, they actually increased: 8556 songs. Only a 2% increase, but still an increase. And the artists:

Scissor Sisters tops the list again and in #3 as well. Their margin of victory is much greater this year too. Interesting.

There's a much broader distribution of music -- I haven't concentrated on the same few songs as much. Also, I listen to Richard Cheese way, way too much.

Winamp on our old old computer kept track of shareware usage statistics. I had played more than 14,000 songs when we built the new one, which is 4600 a year from May '98 May '01. Let's assume an increase of 1,000 listens per year -- so up to 5,600 from '01-'02, 6,600 from '02-'03, 7600 from '03-'04, 8000 from '04-'05, which keeps pace with the current numbers. Adding those up gives these estimates:

-I have listened to 60,000 songs on my computer alone in the last nine years.
-That's four months straight of music playing from the computer speakers.
-Pick any date and time since May 1998, and there's a 4% chance I was listening to music on the computer.

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