Sunday, September 09, 2007

I saw this coming

Michigan football is pretty lousy this year. I've been on record wondering if the defensive successes last year were due to the philosophy of the defensive coordinator Ron English or just the talent of the players, and if the weaknesses exposed by the last two games of the season could be corrected. The answers: Personnel, and a resounding NO.

These are my quotes from an e-mail with Matt on January 8th, regarding USC coach Pete Carroll possibly taking an NFL job.

It's ok. With Branch, Hall, Woodley, and Harris gone, we won't be in any position to play USC anytime soon. We should be worried about the SEC #3, or whoever we'll face in the next couple Citrus Bowls.

I refuse to be less cynical than that until we beat OSU.
The formula [for beating Michigan] was written by minnesota, tweaked by OSU, and perfected by USC. unfortunately, we only seem to face two teams a year that can do what they did.
This doesn't mean I'll cheer any less or get any less excited, but I don't think the problem lies in our personnel.

I was dismissed as being too cynical; now it seems I was overestimating the team completely. Also, to Danielle on January 5th:
Mike Hart and Lamarr Woodley have helped to mask the fact that we're still playing football like it's 1978. Boise State and USC have helped expose that.

Sigh. Nothing groundbreaking, but I hate that I was so right. I ended with this:

Still, I'd rather go 9-4 if it means we beat OSU and win the bowl game.

That sentiment absolutely stands, though I will be ecstatic if Michigan escapes this season 9-4.

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