Monday, September 17, 2007

Dale Newman, again

Dale Newman's misdeeds are spreading throughout the internets.
  • The cynically resourceful Ann Arbor is Overrated caught Sarah's story about the Dale Newman properties and mentioned it in a post.
  • There is an ArborWiki page dedicated to non-libelous Dale Newman facts. It links back to one of this blog's earlier posts about Dale Newman.
  • Prolific A2 blogger Edward Vielmetti has even kept abreast of these happenings via a dale-newman tag on his page. (Also links back here)
  • An inn owned by Dale Newman burned to the groud not long after Dale visited the site after a security alert.
I'm hoping increased awareness will prevent anyone from doing business with him again. It sounds like his latest actions with his energy fraudulence may take care of that for us though.


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