Sunday, August 26, 2007

UT Stats

Unreal Tournament has logged two sets of stats for me -- the 65-hour set from the first installation (which I once estimated to be less than 1/4 of all the matches I played). Then the second set from after I reinstalled the game this winter. Though we only have two data points to look at, they reveal some interesting trends.

Interesting things at first glance - the extrapolated score per hour and my time to live are almost exactly the same. However, directly comparing the two suggests a trend that I'm becoming a more defensive player. Why do I think this?

-Flag kills per match are up almost 50%. This is just preying on people who leave the base with my flag.

-Flag saves are also up 40% per match. This correlates strongly with killing the flag carrier.

-Score per hour is down 10%, while frags per hour remains almost exactly the same. This means fewer of my points come from flag captures.

-Kills are up 35% and captures are down 30% per game. If I'm capping I don't care about fragging, just escaping. More kills means more time in the home base.

-Drops are down 11%. I infer that when I do touch the flag, I'm better at capturing it now.

-Strikingly, my win-loss record has become terrible: 198-149 (57%) to 71-89 (44%). Again, these could be completely skewed by the servers I join (perhaps the stats-logging servers have higher pings where I lose more). I know that some of it is due to me switching to the losing side more often now; I seek out the challenges more often. Also, while there have been several 100-point games which never showed up on the stats servers, there may be just as many low-scoring games that haven't shown up that I didn't care to check for.

In conclusion, I'm becoming a more defensive player, but the W/L trend makes it seem like it's not working. On the other hand, I may be a more efficient player on offense; that is, when I do try to cap I'm more successful. Basically I just need UT3 to come out so I can stop overanalyzing this three-year-old game.

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