Monday, August 20, 2007


It's been a very busy week. Let's back up to Saturday the 11th. That's when Bryan and Jessie got married, and the whole day was wonderful. Food, weather, the ceremony itself, everything was excellent, everyone looked great; I don't think it could've gone better unless we were allowed to un-tuck our shirts. I got a little sweaty in the direct sun, but that was just me, and we soon moved to the shade under the tents. Pictures from my mom's and Danielle's cameras are here, and the word is spreading on how to add albums there. This was one of my favorites.

Then I returned to Ann Arbor for my last week of work, tying up loose ends on projects all week. The staff gave me a nice card with gift certificate to Border's. It would appear they genuinely liked working with me, and I'll be hard pressed to find a work environment as enjoyable as that one was.

Also last week I finished my work on the MMB video project. After spending about 15 hours in the fishbowl labs last week editing it, I discovered that iDVD needs almost 10 uninterrupted hours to encode all the video and audio for it. Unfortunately that project is now on the back burner until I find a friend with a mac who'll let me borrow it for a full day... or until I get a job and Danielle buys a macbook? That would be nice too.

Friday and Saturday I packed up all my stuff and moved out to Grand Rapids. I bought a desk in Ypsi on Saturday morning that I saw on Craigslist. It was $20 and gets the job done. I didn't think I had that much stuff, yet we still filled my car and an Astro van. It didn't take too long to unload, and I've mostly settled in. I still like the apartment very much.

Comcast internet here, of course, sucks. Web browsing is spotty and inconsistent, but games and bittorrent are blazing fast. This means it's frustrating enough to drive me crazy, but fast enough where it matters that I can't do anything about it. As soon as I get a job, we're getting DSL.

Off to the grocery store. Serious, mission-critical job hunting begins today too. Tomorrow I return to Kalamazoo for three doctors appointments and to claim my dresser. Apparently "in suitcases in the middle of the floor" is not an acceptable place to put my clothes.

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