Thursday, August 02, 2007


I made some serious headway into the MMB video project last night. The information sheet I'm working off has descriptions for every picture that include the formations, how they moved, the music playing, an explanation of the joke/reference if necessary, and even what the announcer was saying. They're so dense. It's too bad many of them breeze by in 3 seconds.

Mom and Tom are getting a new corgi this weekend. He's 1 year old, smaller and darker than Buggs and Levi (which just means he's normal-sized), and has been called Johnny by his previous owners. Johnny is not a good dog name. Ariel wants to call him Babushka, like the polish headscarf, which is just weird and too many syllables. Tom is pushing for Snuffy. I like Victor, but I get no say in this.

Busy weekend ahead: Returning home tomorrow to salvage our downtrodden family PC hard drive and claim my clothes for the upcoming wedding. Heading to Chicago on Saturday for Bryan's bachelor party.


Bryan said...

I kinda like Babushka.

Agatha said...

I like Pablo for a dog's name, but Nick will never agree to it when we get a dog.

Allison said...

Hi. Thanks for making your way over to my new blog.

Just to let you know, babushka means grandma in Russian (and quite possibly Polish as well). Owner of said dog might want to know that :)