Thursday, July 26, 2007

Secret Cardinal updates

The publicity train is rolling:
  • The official Secret Cardinal page is online at the Perseus Books Group website. It shows the final, less wordy cover.

  • The local chapter of Legatus hosted a Tom Grace speech on Tuesday. Legatus is a Michigan-based organization of over 3,000 Catholic executives and their spouses. A prime market!

  • Brilliance Audio will record and publish the audiobook in October or November. Brilliance Audio is the largest independent publisher of audiobooks in the country. They were bought by Amazon in May, so the audiobook will probably be available there in digital download form. Amazon is competing with iTunes on the digital audio market, so I wouldn't expect iTunes to carry the Secret Cardinal.

    Bryan said...

    Do you know if audible will carry it?

    Jeremy said...

    I e-mailed them and asked. Google has couple of articles that say probably not.

    Amazon audiobooks link to Audible, but Brilliance Audio books link to So either Amazon + Brilliance will squeeze out Audible and have have the downloadable audio market completely to themselves, or we're incorrectly assuming that AudioBookStand is under Brilliance Audio's corporate umbrella.