Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mrs. Hagen

One of my 5th grade teachers, Mrs. Hagen, passed away July 22. This was not sudden; she had been in Hospice care for a few weeks and her family was prepared.

She and Mrs. McKee were great teachers who understood my sense of humor and always spoke positively of me. I will always be grateful for their contributions to my education.


Bryan said...

Sorry to hear it. As far as "understanding your humor" goes, I specifically remember a revolutionary war assignment where you drew graphic (yet comic) cartoons of soldiers being blown apart by cannon balls and musket fire. They were hung out in the halls for all to see, as I recall. I think most teachers nowadays would have sent you straight into therapy.

Of course, I never had Mrs. Hagen since Mrs. Work thought that you and I should be separated since we hung out together too much. I did learn a lot about the OJ simpson trial from Mrs. Higgins though.

Jeremy said...

That was no joke. I'm sure that in the Revolutionary War, every British soldier who stood directly in front of a cannon at point-blank range got his ass blown to bits. I was just telling it like it was.

And you're right -- nowadays I would've been expelled, but instead I got an A-, with the beautifully understated comment "A little graphic, don't you think?"

Agatha said...

It's good to know that teachers still mean something to their students. One of the things that I am least looking forward to is having to deal with students who don't have any respect or reverence for their teachers... which seems to be the trend these days.

Oh, and yes, had you drawn the comic strip nowadays, they would have sent you to the school social worker at the very least.