Monday, July 02, 2007


  • If you haven't heard already: Danielle accepted a position as the middle school band director and K-8 music teacher at Knapp Charter Academy in Grand Rapids! This is a fantastic opportunity for her, and on top of that, it solved her job search in June so she can still enjoy the summer.

  • Ratatouille was delicious. For the fifth straight Pixar release, I saw it opening night (HT: Rave Cinema). I don't think kids will enjoy it that much, save for the hand-animated and surprisingly funny slapstick. That is not a knock against Pixar, but an observation of the kind of movie they have decided to make. Animation is a medium, not a genre, and it's refreshing to see that their movies can cover such a variety of topics, conflicts, and characters, while retaining that je ne sais quoi that makes all their movies just plain better than everyone else's.

  • Some biking pictures -- from a June 20th ride along the river:

    This is from yesterday's ride with James, on one of many ladders at Burchfield Park in Lansing:

    Even though Burchfield is more raw and less polished than Fort Custer, I actually liked it better. It makes better use of the space, winding back on itself with difficult switchbacks; it has more difficult technical challenges and opt-out routes, and is generally more punishing to the bike and body. Since I enjoy the "jam your handlebars into your sternum" style rides quite a bit, this was just the grueling abuse I needed.


Mike Piotrowski said...

How's Ratatouille compare to The Incredibles, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo {my favorite Pixar flicks, in that order, though I am partial to the Toy Story films a well}? Just wondering, becasue I found the previews really corny. The animation looked cool, but I felt I could figure out exactly what would happen in the movie just from the clips shown in the previews.

Bryan said...

So I would argue that "Pixar Movie" is a genre unto itself. Are you saying that Ratatouille actually branches off in a new direction?

Jeremy said...

Mike: I wasn't as instantly in love with Ratatouille as I was with those three. However, I was surprised by what happened in the movie and don't think the previews gave it away.

Bryan: I'd say it's more like Pixar itself has become an auteur.