Monday, June 25, 2007

I choo choo choose you

I got really excited when I read this Wired article about a Japanese technology that lets you move a robotic train with your brain. I immediately thought of a close future of cyborgs with fully operable and dextrous brain-controlled limbs. I pictured me sitting in a lounge chair remotely driving my hovercar to the store where my 'droid picks up some groceries.

Unfortunately that's all misleading, as you really don't control it with your brain. You just think about stuff that activates certain areas of your brain, and the electric signal from your brain corresponds to a response from the train's circuitry.

The way I pictured it, you think about the train, and you think about the train going forward, and then it goes forward. Instead, you just sit there and do math. Lame.


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