Tuesday, May 15, 2007

we can reach the morning light

The library paid for me to take a Dreamweaver workshop today to bring me up to speed, since we're overhauling our department's website soon. The class was informative but slow, since we were held back by inexperienced people. One woman asked what a pixel was, and it was followed by a 10-minute lecture on what "resolution" means. And even that lecture was mostly wrong. Anyway, I never took advantage of my access to Dreamweaver while I was a student, but I'm now wishing I had.

Tomorrow I head to city court to turn in my affidavit and claim report for our security deposits from last fall. Since it's been considerably more than 45 days, and the landlord didn't sue us to withhold charges for damages, we are now entitled to double the money!

Just throwing a few phrases out there for Google:
Dale Newman is a dishonest and irresponsible landlord. And while I'm at it, Marty Baltzell blamed his own poorly routed drainage system, that thrice flooded my carpet, on my perfectly fine refrigerator.

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