Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Bioshock looks to have cornered the market on 2d water effects: How it looks, how it falls, how light passes through sheets of it, etc. But recently this new game Hydrophobia has burst onto the scene with promising screenshots involving torrents of 3d water as a core element to their gameplay. In the middle of this arrogant and boastful interview, the developer drops this paragraph:
We have flow, we have real-time ripples in the flow, we have meta-ball splashes that self ripple, we have foam where high energywater fogs the surface, we have emergent behavior eddies, we have particles on the surface and below the surface (up to 600,000 of them) we have a revolutionary procedure called wet mapping (whatever the water touches it wets - i.e. it darkens the texture, dependant on the absorbency of the material - non absorbent material it will coat with a film of water which then sublimates into drips). Oh, and we have perfect specular reflection, object and environment reflection and perfectrefraction, we have dynamic caustics both above and below the water - check out the compression wave acoustics when a wave moves through a light.
Wow. I've always been a sucker for good graphics and gimmicks that make aspects of games reflect (ha) reality, and this company seems pretty serious about developing just that. Let's hope the game turns out to be more than just a glorified tech demo.

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