Monday, April 23, 2007

Office, sitebulletins

About 3 months ago, Danielle and I decided to start watching The Office. Sanjay had a majority of the episodes available on his computer, and through the magic of s-video cables we got through most of them at my apartment. We relied on some websites to catch us up with season 3, but we finally did it, watching all 47 episodes in order. I am now caught up. This has opened a world of fansites and related gossip blogs which I have been shielding myself from in fear of spoilers. This will only last four days, since we won't be able to watch Thursday's episode, so I better cram in what I can before falling behind again.

Site notes: I have piped in my feed onto the sidebar. is a social bookmarking service, where the relevant tags I assign to a link are stored on a server, and clicking them shows other links (mine and the community's) for the same topic. That utility is not as important to me as its elegance in organization, simple design, and ease of use. I'm still getting a feel for whether I'm going to use it like a zeitgeist for everything I read, with categorized reactions, or just a place to store information that may be useful in the future. I will also periodically introduce vague and highly speculative references to grad school (henceforth VHSRGS) regarding my burgeoning interest in an information science master's degree.

Also, most MMB related posts will now go up in the swanky Hoover Street Rag, a blog founded by two MMB alums that hits a unique niche.


Bryan said...

Ok, so I really don't understand the thing at all. I have no idea what "social bookmarking" means. Can you explain the allure to me a bit more? I'm far too lazy to visit the site and figure it out myself.

Also, have you seen this Twitter thing the kids are all into these days? What's up with that?

Jeremy said...'s feats are twofold: First it lets you organize links you come across with tags (much like the ones at the bottom of the blog post). Then, you can also see who else has tagged the link, what they tagged it with, and other links that have received that tag.

Suppose I read a gaming site with a Crysis interview that I want to save and come back to. Thanks to their Firefox extension, I just click "tag," and it inserts the link and title into fields. I describe it how I want, and then add relevant tags: gaming, video, Crysis, whatever, click "post" and it goes online. From my page (or again in firefox thanks to extensions), I can then click any of those tags to see other links that I and everyone else have tagged Crysis.

Even if you don't care about the folksonomy part of it, I like having bookmarks with multiple labels, accessible everywhere I go, with consistent organization.

Twitter basically facilitates broadcasting updates online with everything you do. It's like your facebook "status" (which has existed longer than Twitter) on a smaller and more ADD scale. I don't know anyone who uses it; until then, it's useless and annoying to me.