Thursday, March 01, 2007

Parking Continued


The point of my appeal in the first place was that I could prove the officer's claims wrong. If they're just going to repeat what's on the ticket, what exactly is the point of the arbiter? It took them 6 weeks to print out what was already written on my ticket and mail it back to me. What a waste of a city salary.

I would imagine court costs beyond this point are more than $25, so... congrats, Ann Arbor, and Officer Peariso. You fleeced me out of lunch for a week. Though I'd appreciate it if, in the future, you tried to suck a little less at your jobs.

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Aaron said...

I doubt there would be any court cost. Being just a parking ticket, in my experience it would be you and the cop talking to the judge at which point you would present your proof to the judge. This is IF the officer shows up, which could be a big if depending on the officer. You'll waste a lot of time this way, but might save yourself the money

Jeremy said...

Time is money. If the amount of vacation time I'd have to use costs me more than the ticket (so, 2 hours), then it's a net loss.