Tuesday, March 06, 2007

On Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is like Sarah Silverman if she were a Republican comedienne: Deliberately offensive in an unprecedented way, but she speaks with such an oopsie flair that the charming innocence of her delivery trumps the rhetoric with its ironic positivity. Her brazen intolerance is her sustenance, so she says anything she wants and receives free air time while the republicans try to benefit from it because the people don't see many democrats fighting back.

This situation is similar to Tim Hardaway's comments a few weeks ago, in that I do not care about Tim Hardaway, but rather the underlying attitudes that he broadcast. John Amaechi, about whom Hardaway spoke, was actually glad Hardaway said what he did because it finally meant the presence of public, high-profile bigotry and hatred couldn't be denied anymore. Coulter should be similarly thanked (not the right word), because her crass marginalization has at least opened the door for discussion. It's still sad that her use of a term to dehumanize and disparage, whether or not it was used entirely in the pejorative, was met with cheers and applause. There's already a Time Magazine article that touches on the circumstances if her slurs were racially and not sexually oriented.

In some aspects I'm fine with putting her in the spotlight instead of burying her; she probably did more damage to her party by alienating a larger group of undecided moderates.


Anonymous said...

She was paid to give a speech here at WMU and insulted anyone who challenged her. The flip attitude and the "better than thou" air is enough to freeze the entire room. She has gotten away with this attitude way too long. Humble pie is due to her, but I think it needs to be smashed in her face first.

Sean C said...

It's interesting that you mention that article by John Cloud because it's something I just read earlier today and wrote about. Something that really caught my eye was that Cloud noted that whenever he's interviewed her, she's always interested in how his partner is doing, wants to hang out at gay events, and at least one close friend who's himself a homosexual. In fact David Brock, a gay ex-conservative reporter, recalls that she was, in his words, a "fag hag" and sought the company of gay men. How she reconciles that with gay-baiting everyone she dislikes and bashing homosexuals as red meat for her fan base is beyond me. The simplest explanation would be that she carries on her social life, not really harboring many of the views she espouses on TV, and only uses such rhetoric to draw attention to herself, rile up the base, and sell books, but there might be something deeper there. I'm sure a psychiatrist could spend weeks trying to figure this woman out.

John Cloud, by the way, has been licking Coulter's boots for the past two years. He even wrote a puff-piece that was featured on the cover of Time Magazine back in 2005 when she wasn't making news and was, if anything, on the way out. For her part, Coulter bitched about the front-page treatment because she didn't like the way the picture made her bony ass look. Go figure.