Monday, March 12, 2007

Not Important Tournament

Ahh, spring! The time of year when black and gray North Face vests are swapped for light blue and light orange North Face vests. Anyway:

-After months of losing on the road and late game coaching collapses, the University of Michigan graduates yet another senior class of basketball players without an NCAA Tournament berth as attendance in Crisler reaches a 25-year low. Bill Martin has always been about the almighty Dollar and not results, but it's clear that the lack of the latter is affecting the former. It's now hitting him where it counts. He should realize this soon; his skepticism has grown, but not sufficiently to raise any concern of the firings that need to take place. Sorry, Tommy. You're a nice guy, we appreciated your 'anonymous' donation of Maize Rage tickets for two years, and you've recruited good talent, but you have one tournament berth in 10 years as a head coach.

-The Canadian Brass will be performing with Portage's trumpet prodigy Brandon Ridenour next weekend at Hill Auditorium, and Danielle and I will be in attendance.

-My coffee maker stopped working today after serving me dutifully nearly every single day since August. Considering it cost me all of $12, I'd say I got my money's worth.

-I played racquetball yesterday which was my first real exercise in 6 months. Technically, I walk 3 miles a day at a brisk and slightly panicked pace (to and from work twice), but I don't really count that. My sedentary lifestyle didn't affect me nearly as much as I thought it would, but I was clearly feeling its effects. I'm glad the weather will facilitate biking soon.

-Battlefield 2 still has some demo servers online and I've been able to play some consistently fun matches. I've only scraped the surface of its possibilities, but it feels both immersive and intense. I was genuinely scared the first time my tank was strafed by an F-15E, and the impressive shadows and thunderous sound effects only heightened my panic. I may be desensitized to violence, but that doesn't mean this stuff still doesn't affect me.

-Vanguard Press currently lists Tom Grace as one of their featured authors on their "about" page.

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