Sunday, March 25, 2007

300 etc

The Canadian Brass concert in Hill last night was incredible. First, complaining:

The clap-happy audience really got on my nerves. The worst part by far was the behavior during the performance of Samuel Barber's String Quartet No. 1. This is a haunting and beautiful piece made famous in Platoon and Amelie. At one point in the middle of it, the group paused to take a breath. Someone clapped during the pause. The piece ends with a sustained note that, upon its conclusion, could've lingered and resonated in the perfect acoustics of Hill for a full minute without me breathing or blinking. Instead, the exact instant the quintet stopped playing -- to say nothing of the note, just the second they stopped blowing air -- someone claps furiously. This person is probably the guy who sprints out of the theater the instant the credits roll and gargles with mouthwash immediately after swallowing a sip of wine.

Other than that it was fantastic. It was great seeing Brandon Ridenour up there, and a whole lot of PNHS faculty and parents came to see their hometown boy sharing the stage with legends. Good for him.

I finally saw 300 today too. It was exactly what I expected. Gerard Butler's Leonidas exuded sheer badassery up there with Neo and Tyler Durden.


Anonymous said...

That's why someday, when you can afford it, you get yourself a wonderful acoustic system for your home, and then you get the CD or whatever the genre is by then, and listen to your heart's content. In the old days, it was using a hard plastic set of headphones borrowed at the audio section at the UGLI. They put the listener into another world. Later it was speakers in the living room AND the family room. Then it was surround sound for the home. It just gets better. Don't lose the love of the note, but know that it's a given about the clapping. Hey, at least it wasn't an air horn. There will be public moments of weird displays of noise, but there can be very private moments of sheer enjoyment of the moment at hand. And that is some of what life is about!

Anonymous said...

I saw 300 in imax from the second row, and I was overwhelmed. Gerard Butler = love.