Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On skiing

The highlights of my spring breaks since 2000 have looked like this: Trip to Europe, [whatever I did in 2001 besides paid babysitting], skiing in Colorado, Boston, skiing, skiing, skiing & Chicago, skiing. The general idea is that warmth is a copout. Not that Friday counts as spring break -- that is a concept now shelved with recess as a regular and satisfying chunk of time for many years while now a completely irrelevant concept, but still.

Anyway, Danielle and I went skiing at Caberfae on Friday. It was my third time skiing there and it's definitely great for the price if you can secure one of their midweek or college day discounts. They had a college day deal going on and my valid MCard gave me a lift ticket for $9 instead of $35. The warm weather last week caused some melting and re-freezing, so by the end of the day the hills were pretty icy. It was Danielle's first time, but we were still able to find routes where I could ski harder hills and she could ski down at her own pace. Fortunately she enjoyed it, and I'm once again successful at getting her hooked on my own interests (like Michigan football!), which makes life much easier. Hopefully we'll get to go once more this year. Probably only to Timber Ridge or one of the local landfills though.

On the Oscars: Yay for the Departed, boo for Happy Feet getting the Best Animated Feature award over Cars. C'mon now. I couldn't see that happen, though, since local cable monopoly Charter had its ABC feeds go to total fuzz twenty minutes into the ceremony.

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Mike P said...

Yay, Departed!!! Scorsese is my favorite director and I'm so glad he finally got his due, and for a terrific film that returned him to fine form {I liked The Aviator and Gangs of New York but they are far from his best}.

Not sure if it was a conspiracy that the cable went out. My cable was really flaky all sunday; I think it had to do with all the ice on the wires and boxes on the power poles.

I've never been skiing so I have nothing to say about that.