Monday, February 05, 2007

more general updates

Great weekend in Kalamazoo. It was too cold for sledding, but we did see Pan's Labyrinth, which was incredible. I'm going to endorse Rave Cinema again here. Two student tickets cost $5, and that came with popcorn and pop. There was a coupon for 20% off a Burdick's bill (probably worth more than $5) on the back. That is fantastic. K-10 may have $3 student tickets at all hours, but I'd rather pay $2 more for $8 food and, like, not go to a theater that's old and decrepit.

So when Proposal 2 passed, Mary Sue Coleman held a rally on the diag, pledging to defy the courts. With Pfizer's loss, she had a meeting at the Union promising to do what's necessary to keep the people here in Ann Arbor. I'd like to eat crow on this in the next few days, but last week the court ruled that ruled that same-sex benefits are no longer legal for U-M employees. Ms. Coleman has said nothing. And I wonder what Google, as a tech company setting down some roots in Ann Arbor that Bryan alluded to, thinks of all this.

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