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New Tom Grace Novel!

My uncle, Dexter resident Tom Grace, is an author who has published four industrial espionage thrillers. They've been successful in the state of Michigan and in the late 90s he received a great book deal. The main characters of his novels reside in Michigan (though events occur all over the globe) and much action takes place in Ann Arbor. For example, in his second novel, Quantum Web, there's a chase scene through the streets of Ann Arbor during the art fair in which the inflatable Mongolian Barbecue mascot Mongo Man gets grazed by a stray bullet.

He just received another book deal, and the text of the press release is below. I added a hyperlink to the Wall Street Journal story about Vanguard Press and their unique promotional system. Basically, they spend very little money on the advance and focus instead on marketing the author like crazy before the book's release. The more pre-release interest the better, so fanatical devotees like me need to spread the word. I know my aunt and uncle have some clever ideas they're producing in the upcoming months, and I'll post about them here as often as I can.


(New York, New York, Jan. 23, 2007) –Vanguard Press, a member of the Perseus Book Group, has just acquired Tom Grace’s newest novel, The Secret Cardinal, for its select publishing program with plans to publish in hardcover this fall, backed by a six-figure marketing and publicity campaign, announced Roger Cooper, Vanguard’s publisher, and Newmarket's Esther Margolis, who in a departure from her usual role as publisher represents the novelist as his agent. Other commercial novels on the Vanguard/Perseus list this year include David Morrell’sScavenger, Greg Bear’s Quantico, Eileen Goudge’s Woman in Red, new novels by Kyle Mills and Robert Tannenbaum, and a 30th anniversary hardcover edition of Alex Haley’s Roots.

Grace is the bestselling author of four international thrillers: Bird of Prey, Twisted Web, Quantum, and Spyder Web (previously published by Warner Books and Pocket Books), whose hero, ex-Navy Seal and high-tech entrepreneur Nolan Kilkenny, repeatedly gets called on to use his cutting-edge scientific and technical expertise to pursue criminals and prevent crimes and threats to world peace, 21st century-style.

In Grace’s fifth novel, The Secret Cardinal, at the behest of an aging Pope, Kilkenny mounts a daring operation to rescue a Roman Catholic bishop from the Chinese prison where he’s been held captive for 30 years and bring him back to Rome in time for the next Conclave.

Publisher Roger Cooper said, “I'm thrilled to have Tom Grace on the Vanguard Press list next fall. The Secret Cardinal is his best and most provocative book yet, and we look forward to working with him and Esther to make this book the bestseller it deserves to be."

Booklist reviewed one of Tom Grace’s novel as “a classy, stylist thriller;” Library Journal praised another for its "international intrigue, believable technical wizardry, relatively complex characters, and plenty of suspense." Clive Cussler praised Tom as “a masterful plotter [who] draws you into his net and doesn’t release you until the final sentence.” And, theDetroit Free Press called him “a storyteller along the lines of Tom Clancy, Ken Follett and Clive Cussler.”

Margolis discovered Tom Grace at the BEA Convention seven years ago and secured a high six-figure multi-book deal for him with Warner Books, who published his first two novels in hardcover. A high six-figure multi-book deal followed from Pocket Books, who published the next two novels as original paperbacks, further building his audience. Over 300,000 copies of his novels have been sold in the U.S., establishing a strong fan base for the forthcoming Vanguard hardcover launch of The Secret Cardinal, which will also be published by Random House Mondadori in Spanish.

Unlike most publishing deals, Vanguard Press, a member of the Perseus Book Group, established a new business model that’s been so successfully received that it became the core of a story that ran in the Wall Street Journal last month, under the headline “The New Hot Advance: $0.

Agent Margolis and author Grace were impressed with the upside potential of the Vanguard arrangement. As Roger Cooper explains: “There’s no advance, very high royalties, a guaranteed substantial marketing budget with a strong emphasis on author publicity and web promotions, real-time flow-through of royalty proceeds, monthly royalty checks, and total author involvement with all aspects of the publication.”

“Tom is a great promoter,” says Margolis. “And his subject could not be more timely. Religious oppression in China is a serious human rights issue, and in the news every day. Tom has been working on this story for a long time, inspired by real people and incidents that he wanted to dramatize. He’s ready to get out there and get people excited about the subject and his book, which is riveting. So, we see Vanguard’s model, with its select list and guaranteed marketing commitment, as a great opportunity.”

Tom Grace lives in Michigan with his wife, Kathy Hopps, and their five children.

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Me->Bronson->Tom Grace->Publisher->Some author who has written a book that has been made into a movie->(Maybe an actor or two)->KEVIN BACON. 5-7

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