Thursday, January 04, 2007

I hate DTE

I'd like to make my big long post about the Rose Bowl with all kinds of pictures and a link to the Picasa album, but I can't yet. We don't have electricity in our apartment. Sanjay and I both forgot to call DTE about transferring the account to our names, and as a result, they shut it off on the 27th. They required us to make an appointment for them to return and turn it back on.

Because DTE is a monopoly, their next available appointment is Monday "between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m."

I'm not so upset that they turned it off and we have to have someone come out to turn it back on, but how we found out. Here's the process:

-Sanjay was originally told by Jennifer that if he gave his social security number, we would have electricity today.
-His SSN wasn't in their database so they told him to fax it and they'd process it in the morning.
-This morning Rose said his SSN is associated with another person, so they tell him to drive to their service center in Dearborn.
-I called and get contradictory info: No, an APPOINTMENT is necessary to turn on the gas pipes, and they'll call with a 15-minute warning.
-I call Sanjay and break the news. He points out that we were told something completely different yesterday.
-I call back, where Rose tells me explicitly that someone needs to come out to check that the pressure in the pipes is OK to enable the gas. I tell her to please instruct Jennifer to explain things this way, as it was her misinformation that convinced Sanjay things would be taken care of today.
-Sanjay realizes we don't have gas. There are no pipes to be checked. He calls back.
-Jane attempts to process it as a transfer from the previous guys to us, but according to her the other guys put in a terminate service order. It has nothing to do with the pipes, but someone has to come out.

It's ridiculous that we got a different answer to every question every time we called. They didn't fully understand the situation OR how to correctly take care of it (or tell us how it should be done).

Dammit, I have video games I want to play and pictures I want to upload. Not only for personal glory, but also because I met a man who works for Michigan's Rivals page when we were in California who was genuinely impressed with my interest and knowledge of Michigan sports and told me to get in touch with him. I agreed to send him some of my videos of the trip when we got back; doing this in a timely fashion would've been great.

Considering how simple it would've been to just transfer the accounts, it was extremely frustrating to discover how difficult reactivating one has been. Yes, it was our fault for not remembering in the first place, but it would've been nice to get the facts straight the first time or not have to wait four days for them to perform what will undoubtedly take ten minutes.

But since DTE has no competition, we're stuck in the dark with an empty fridge until then.

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Grey Sky Eyes said...

I feel your pain. I had a similar experience with DTE, but not so bad.