Tuesday, January 30, 2007

General updates

-The weather is finally acting like it's winter over here. About 2 inches fell overnight. I desperately want to go skiing this year so I hope it keeps up. Even just a weekend trip to Caberfae would be great.

-Work is going well. I've gotten used to my routine but I still like it. The most difficult aspect is still the time it takes up. Suddenly it's February 2007 and I'm closer to 45 than I am to my birth. It's very hard not to think on an academic calendar as I have for the past 20 years; there is no use counting the days until spring or summer break since such things no longer exist. Any vacation comes at a cost now, which requires time management. For example--

-The Michigander looms in the distance and I'm staring up at it, wondering if it is economically feasible and worth not taking a day off for four straight months for. Past experiences say definitely yes. We'll see how things go when I'm working straight through the summer. Though I might as well get used to it now, since any potential, distant oases in this ocean of working life in the next decade (this is a vague and highly speculative reference to graduate school!) would only serve as brief deferments and undoubtedly be expensive.

-Danielle and I are still managing to swap weekends pretty well, as we have for the last 6 months. She's student teaching with a 40 minute commute during the weeks but she seems to be enjoying it very much. If you are reading this, and you are a principal in Washtenaw County, you should hire her.

-I'm still gaming, though not nearly as much. I hop into online games (F.E.A.R. multiplayer, Day of Defeat: Source, occasionally HL-2) but I wish I had a quick-fix game to dive into for 20 minutes at a time that was as captivating as UT2K4 was at its peak. My patience will be rewarded as this calendar year will see the release of many games I'm drooling over - Crysis, UT3, Spore, etc. I've lamented my 60lb beached whale of a monitor for years now, but it displays a mighty fine picture, so a RAM upgrade may be the next new thing instead.

-The parking ticket protest system is ridiculous. You send them an e-mail, and they reply by post. That is horribly inefficient and expensive. They're probably counting on me to give up on their reply and just pay the ticket. Every day I walk by and see cars parked closer than me without tickets (showing the different standards) or cars smack in front of the hydrant with just one ticket and not being towed (implying that their blatant violation is treated equally in the eyes of the law as my non-crime).


AHFB said...

Re gaming: If you haven't tried ut2k4's jailbreak, it's probably the best mod out there.

Also, while it's not a FPS (which make be what you're looking for), I've been spending my random 30 minutes here and there playing the Company of Heros Demo. It's only one skirmish map big, but I really like playing it.

Jeremy said...

Since I rebuilt my computer in September I haven't reinstalled UT2k4 (yet? argh I may cave). I did play Jailbreak for Quake II though, and man that was fun.

I played the Company of Heroes demo for a while. It was fun, but yeah, I'm back to wanting FPS games.

Whitney said...

i like how one of the labels on this post is "asinine"

Phil said...

I hate not being to throw things at you, namely things you leave on the floor, chinese stars, or trash. My mom doesn't take well to my middle fingers, and I really can't say that lounging in my underwear is fun when my aunt likes to make surprise visits upstairs. Sigh