Wednesday, December 20, 2006

moving out

Just when I start to get settled in, it's once again time for everything to change.

The office at work is completely reorganizing. This isn't a terribly big deal but still something new to get used to. Simultaneous with that, I'm moving to my new apartment on Forest where I'll be until mid-August. Except for saying goodbye to several good friends this week, I'm excited for all of this... but it's certainly going to be different.

My roommates Matt and Phil, who I have effectively lived with for 7 semesters, graduated last week and are moving out today.

I am going to miss their antics and contributions to my familiar reassurances of normal life. Things like Phil's "classhole" away message, Matt's "I hate North Campus" rants; making fun of Phil's loofas and shower squeegees and Matt's constant supply of cranberry juice, Phil's cruelly vulgar greetings, Matt's unrelenting cell phone ring; From the days of the 300 Williams triple-bunk and Entertainment Kingdom to ironboard luging at 1033 Michigan to the victory lap in our 1880s woodshed, it has been a blast. This last semester was a hell of a way to go out and I'm very glad they put off finding a house until the last minute so I could be a part of it all one more time.

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