Monday, December 11, 2006

is Chicago

I was in Chicago this weekend and I found a great way to get there and back with minimal hassle. Thanks to the efforts of the Northern Indiana Commuter Transport trains, I got there for the cost of a tank of gas and $5 train ticket and didn't have to worry about parking. I wish Amtrak could follow suit.

I was fortunate to spend Friday with Mulder, as it was his last weekend living on his own. Many video games were played and good times were had. Jessie moved in on Saturday and while it's strange to think that this guy I've known for 15 years now living with his fiancee in his high-rise apartment in Chicago, it's no less exciting and I'm happy for them both. Plus, that apartment has it all--

A great view:

Comfortable amenities:

And (permanent!) good company:

Back in Ann Arbor, it's a glorious week for eating.

MONDAY: Tios for dinner after Pasta-Roni failed
TUESDAY: Dinner @ Aunt Kathy's, also making chocolate chip cookies
WEDNESDAY: Library holiday lunch @ Cottage Inn
THURSDAY: Buffalo Wild Wings
SATURDAY: Mongolian Barbecue
SUNDAY: Either Palio with the Koliches or dinner with Danielle's family Posted by Picasa

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