Thursday, December 07, 2006


When a number doesn't exist to solve your math problem, just make a new one up!

Calvin would be proud.


Bryan Mulder said...

If anything, I'm a little surprised that this didn't already exist. Imaginary numbers have been around forever. Remember sqrt(-1)?

Bryan DeGrendel said...

The fact that this appears in BBC, rather than as a research paper basically eliminates any chance of it being taken seriously.

The way computers store basic numbers cannot be fundamentally altered to store 'special' numbers (such as infinity, i, or nullity). Even if computers could be modified to use nullity, it would go from performing a calculation the computer cannot perform, to getting a result it cannot use. How would 'nullity' related to the time between electrical pulses in a pacemaker?

Calvin would know that he just making stuff up, this guy believes in it.