Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The UM business school decided to toss out copies of the Every Three Weekly that it found objectionable, according to the latest issue. While the E3W may not have any legal grounds to stand on, it's embarrassing that such a highly regarded school within such a highly regarded university would resort to such petty methods of handling controversy.

They not only said they wanted to make the University experience "as comfortable and welcoming is [sic] possible," but lauded their own flippant dismissal of prior controversies:
Some females complained about the Sat FB pgms [football programs] because of déjà vu ads.
We just tossed them.

It sounds more like the business school is headed by Will Hays.
Sorry we failed to meet your Production Code standards for distribution.

They'll probably be eviscerated in the next issue. The E3W has always been great at publicly flogging people or events like this several times over.

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