Monday, December 04, 2006

Bowl mess

Inspirational words from true champions:

'I couldn't look,' said UF co-defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, who is in charge of the kick blocking teams. 'Then at the last second I looked up and saw Jarvis big [left] palm and said, `Yes!' It just feels great to win this, especially after we played so bad.

Those guys are playing for the title.

FUTURE PREDICTIONS: Michigan Replay, 1/7/2007:

There is no theme music and no highlights, just the two-shot of the studio floor. Lloyd Carr stares daggers at the camera while smoking cigarettes for thirty uninterrupted minutes. Jim Brandstatter sits next to a life-sized effigy of Urban Meyer that he has soaked overnight in kerosene. At the end of the show, Lloyd flicks his cigarette onto the couch, and turns and walks away with his middle finger fully extended from his outstretched arm. The woosh of the flames exceeds the safe levels of the broadcast and viewers' speakers crackle. Carr and Brandstatter peel out of the parking lot in Lloyd's 1974 Buick Regal.

Let's hope.

THE BCS FORMULA is entirely predicated upon the fact that the basis for the polls is to:

1) Vote for best team in nation
2) Vote for next best team
3) Continue (2) n more times, until n=23.

The fact that the pollsters artificially amend the votes for any motivation other than 1,2,3 above inhibits the BCS system from operating the way it is designed to operate.

BECAUSE OF the criminal pandering of CBS commentators, the inanity of the pollsters' decisions, and the asinine logic of the Harris poll, Florida got in because the voters, and not the football teams, decided they were a more worthy opponent. Lloyd Carr, of course (and this may be his tragic flaw), handled the week with integrity and class, unlike his sniveling counterpart:

There was a dare to ESPN to cover this in a pro-Florida way: "I hope they list all the statistics, put it all out on the table, here's what it is."

There was potential emotional distress: "We're going to tell a group of young men that just went 12-1 in a most difficult schedule that they don't have a chance to go play for a national championship? I'm going to need help with that one."

It was a speech that James Carville and Karl Rove would have loved. Meyer didn't even seem to understand how it could upset Carr. He couldn't see the issue. He didn't get the problem.

WE'RE GOING to play USC in the Rose Bowl. It's a Big Ten-Pac 10 matchup, just like it should be, and I'll be there, and I can't help but be excited about that. But it's like getting the item you wanted second-most on your Christmas list and watching your (annoying younger) brother get the better one. He didn't even want it until he knew you did, and he's just going to break it when he takes it out of the box.


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