Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You're the geek, Camel Breath

I did not dress up this Halloween.

However, my total dominance over all Halloween costumes in 1989 cast a shadow from which every child in the country has yet to emerge.

(HT: Mom)


Anonymous said...

Do you like the blue mask and elbow and knee wraps made of the very finest scrap material available in Kalamazoo at that time? And check out the camera being held by the mom in that photo -- those VHS things weighed about 15 pounds. But there is a very cute boy under that mask, with a twinkle in his eye even then.
TMNT were the best, eh?

Jeremy said...

PURPLE! Geez! Leonardo wore blue, and although he may have been the leader, Donatello was generally cooler and his weapon had a longer reach in the video game.

Mike said...

Michelangelo, by far the best.

Though, you and Matt are one-two in the all time greatest halloween costumes. Road Warrior Matt, the greatest of tag team partners.

Aaron said...

i was once donatello for halloween. it was by far the best costume ever. thank goodnees my mother is crafty.