Friday, November 17, 2006

One whale of a battle

Things like this don't even happen in bad sports movies.

Less than 30 hours before kickoff of the most important Michigan-OSU game in the series' 103-year history, legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler has passed away. Tomorrow's game, for all the hype and pomp and circumstance, would not be what it is without Bo.

Before the 2004 season, Bo Schembechler gave the MMB a pep talk in the darkened stadium. His speech was inspired and passionate, and he ended it by screaming the following, which was nearly drowned out by cheers:



My favorite poet, Johnny of RBUAS, wrote the following this week:

"Somewhere, years from now, I may wake from sleep as a brunette’s blue eyes take the air from my lungs with a tornado stare; I may lay shirtless on warm beaches and watch fuchsia sunsets with foreign booze on my lips; I may leave footprints in Mars’ red dirt, but give me a Michigan win on Saturday and you can save your inquiries as to which moment I’ll favor."

I'll return Saturday. GO BLUE! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Well, not really anonymous, it's your mom. Comments on Bo: Your Uncle Craig was AT that 1969 game. He spoke about the thrill of rushing the field and tearing down the goalposts after the game. It was awesome. I lived the "Bo" era '71 - '74, and never missed the UM-OSU games, blizzard conditions be damned. Now you are off to the greatest game, and I bet you will see such a fired up team, motivated even more than before to win this game, now for Bo as much as anyone or anything else. What a privilege to have seen him in action, and what a privilege for you to be at the game that will memorialize him for the ages. Go Blue!