Monday, November 20, 2006


So, OSU.

At least the ABC camera crane caught us at a good moment:

(Additional screencaps)

Anyway: Ugh. We should've and could've won. I'm sick of being on the losing end of the Best Game Ever (see: 2005 Rose Bowl).

The fans were par for the course; congratulatory old people did seem to outnumber the "fuck Michigan! LLLLLLLLLoyd is teh suckz0r!" crowd, but still -- do they even care that they won? Or just that we lost? Do they even like Ohio State?

A few even thought it was funny to insult the late Bo Schembechler. Any negative mention of Bo is equal to an automatic deduction of 100 IQ points and status as a sentient being, as Bo was not only an assistant coach at OSU but also received a graduate degree from there. Making such statements is a quick way to affirm your backwater hillbilly status and general incompetence.

The Game: Mike Hart is amazing. He has never let us down. He got flak for his passionate comments in the lockerroom. I don't care. He wanted to win and he still does. Our touchdown celebrations were absolute pandemonium, as it's much easier to celebrate while not holding an instrument.

The Band: OSU had a very classic-style halftime show with many recognizable shapes/sets/words as their formations. Most notably was their performance of the Titanic theme. While they played Celine Dion's song, they formed the ship, cracked, and sunk it off the edge of the field, using fire extinguishers for steam. The crowd loved it. Now, that's a really clever and unique idea, and it doesn't seem like something any other band could p--

"Michigan Daily: The Band Plays On - 10/1/1998: 'That whole thing with the band members grouping in the shape of that old sunken ship, complete with the fire extinguishers for steam, was quite creative and entertaining, and very cool.'"

TBDBITL: Stealing from the MMB since 1936.

Item: The Every Three Weekly finally got a new website up and running.

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