Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Irrational Comparison #2

Aspect #2: Library taunts.

Big Ten school book transfers are handled by a separate delivery system. The books come and go in big gray bins wrapped in padded envelopes. Naturally, UM and OSU send taunts back and forth the week of The Game. I compiled our message and we sent it yesterday, insulting their "storied" history and their plagiarized traditions:

This is what they sent yesterday: A simple message, written in Sharpie, in the handwriting of a six-year-old. A six-year-old sea cow. But it was probably someone very high up in the department who got promoted for spelling all the words correctly. Anyway:


whit said...

oh, ours so totally wins. so. totally. infact, you should probably get promoted for it.

Dave said...

No wonder they define themselves almost exclusively relative to us.

Space, bitches.

frumanchu said...

It's admirable that you would attempt to compose a taunt to the reading level of your adversaries (and impressive that you actually succeeded).

It seems they were giving you the benefit of the doubt in their reciprocation.

(BTW, the 'w' is silent. GO BUCKS!)

Anonymous said...

No frumanchu, what is impressive is when people try to make their vocabularies extra verbose in an attempt to show that they are just as smart as the original poster.

Wait, wait, that's not impressive, that's pathetic. That's the word I was looking for.

Flop said...

This might be the awesomest post I've seen all week.

Anonymous said...

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