Monday, November 06, 2006

I could have walked it back by now

Looks like I'm driving to Portage and back tomorrow to vote. Sure, I could have sent in my absentee ballot application before last Monday, but I really didn't expect it to take a FULL WEEK to get sent back. Especially when the website reassures me that these requests are processed immediately.

Bryan, your uncle is still the clerk, right? I expect you to bring this up in front of everyone at the next family gathering.


Bryan Mulder said...

He is still the clerk, so I'll have to yell at him for you.

On the other hand, driving back to Portage to vote is dumb. Those are real costs you are paying, and the chance that your vote would actually make a difference is so slim as to be effectively zero.

Jeremy said...

...says the guy who waited in line for eight hours to vote in '04?

Besides, Danielle lives in Kalamazoo.

Bryan Mulder said...

Ah yes, Danielle would make all the difference.