Thursday, November 30, 2006

general updates

We're two days from December and it was 60 degrees outside yesterday. Who is Michigan trying to fool? These weeks have provided just the right mix of unseasonable highs with soul-mangling lows. Friday's high is going to be 36; Monday's is 31. Michigan is a walking ghost.

The walking ghost phase:
The walking ghost, or latent, phase of radiation poisoning is a period of apparent health, lasting for hours or days, following a dose of 10-50 sieverts of radiation. As its name would suggest, the walking ghost phase is followed by certain death.

Facebook (the malevolent timesucker into which I've stopped importing this blog) released a Firefox toolbar, putting one less step between me and stalking. The News Feed thing meant I didn't have to check friends' profiles directly to find out about them; now I don't even need to have the damn site open. Do I really need a popup message to tell me that some girl I was friends with in middle school changed her "status" to "is looking forward to winter!"? Absolutely not.

Great quotes from the U-M football bust. Lamarr Woodley and Lloyd, respectively:

"I ain't cocky when I say this, just confident: The team that we play next will lose."

"When we play that game on New Year's Day or the 8th or whatever it may be ... we don't care. We're gonna be there and we're gonna play like hell and we're going to be doing our damnedest to make you happy."

Make it so, number three. Make it so. Please?

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