Monday, November 13, 2006

The Game

Have I been good this year? Is Santa coming six weeks early, and leaving me an extra stocking full of goodies? Is this really happening? Is Michigan really 11-0 and playing an 11-0 OSU?

Any good Michigan fan or bipedal OSU fan what their ideal football game is and the answer will always be an undefeated Michigan and an undefeated OSU playing for all the marbles.

By some divine providence, and the Ron English Revolution, this year we get just that.

I watched in 1991 when Desmond Howard struck the Heisman pose in the endzone to Keith Jackson's "Hello, Heisman!" call. (I remember hearing him win the trophy that year on the radio and jumping up and down even though, at 7 years old, I didn't really understand what it meant.) I watched in 1995 when Biakabutuka ran for 313 yards to defeat the then-#1 Buckeyes. I was there in 2003 when Chris Perry tripled the Buckeyes' average allowed rushing yardage en route to our last outright Big Ten championship.

The slobbery hyperbole I'd write about the game will not suffice, especially considering what already exists (and what I know will be written this week). So I'll just say that despite the memories and the great games over the years, I have never been more excited for a Michigan football game than I am for this next one. For historical nostalgia, read Michigan Football Saturdays. For statistics and highlights, read iblogforcookies. For unmatched analysis, read mgoblog. For beautifully written prose, read RBUAS. Even the athletic department's official website has an entire page dedicated to the rivalry.

In the 70.75 year history of the Associated Press, there have been 36 matchups between #1 and #2, 16 of them arranged in bowl games. Of the 20 regular season matchups, 6 took place during a 4-year stretch in the 1940s, when WWII had altered the football landscape and the same 3 or 4 teams consistently rose to the top spots in the poll.

Of the twenty regular season #1 vs. #2 games, four games have been the final game of the regular season for both teams.

Hopefully I make it through the week. Let the hype begin on the game that has been recognized by a House resolution as the greatest rivalry in the history of sports.

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Anonymous said...

You know, Jeremy, you should try to get a little more hyped up about this game. You are too laid back. For anyone who doubts the numbers he's quoting, I'll back him up. This piece reads like a byline for a newspaper column, only better. You might want to think about that....

It's GO BLUE week like there's never been -- coming up so fast, over so soon, so let's relax and enjoy the ride!

Your biggest fan