Monday, November 27, 2006

B-squared minus 4AC

If Notre Dame were in the Big Ten, they'd be in fourth place, heading to the Outback or Champs Sports bowl. Instead they get a $10-million BCS bid and we continue to subsidize their program.

In their last 13 games the Irish have lost to the current top three teams by an average of 20 points (Michigan by 26, USC by 20 and Ohio State in last year's Fiesta Bowl by 14) and did not threaten to win any of those games. None of the ranked teams that they beat last year finished in the top 25 and this year only one team they have defeated is ranked (Georgia Tech #22/23). Weis's claim to fame as a coach is losing to USC by 3 at home last year. Their biggest win was -- still -- over the worst Michigan team in 20 years.


I went to the "Rave" multiplex theater in Kalamazoo this weekend, and I was very impressed. Their $6 tickets are quite reasonable. The theaters are spacious (though Crossroads gets the nod for seat cushion technology). In lieu of a cheesy animation, the turn off your cell phones announcement was delivered in person by an employee who was our "host for the evening." The bathrooms and ancillary concession stands were right outside the theater. The pre-show entertainment was good 'ol Coke trivia, and there were no television commercials before the previews! For once I didn't feel like setting fire to the theater before the show began! The popcorn was good and we were greeted upon our exit by several employees genuinely inquiring how well we enjoyed everything (probably corporate PR staff still taking early exit polls).

Digital projection is incredible. Although the contrast ratios and color saturation made me feel like I was watching an enormous HDTV, it was incredibly bright and clear. Until now, we've been watching movies in a fog.

The movie itself was good too. A nice new direction for the 007 franchise.

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